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Quarantine And Self Development

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Few days back we all were busy in our routine work…going to the office or workplace, market, visiting friends or relatives and sometimes going out for fun sake with family and friends..

Now, all of this has stopped and we are sitting at our homes…. working from home,passing our time in watching T.V. news checking WhatsApps in our mobiles getting negative stuff and allowing it to enter through our eyes and ears to our brain. This is really harming our state of mind and pushing into fear and stress, atleast for some of us.

We Need to think…what the mother nature want…have a look outside and see the more cleaner sky, clear blue, the air is more pure…No traffic, honking, pollution.. Peace, people are more helpful, so many positive things are happening through this tough time. But what is going inside you…needs to be checked. Sitting at home is an opportunity to balance and enhance the energy of self. It is the chance to go inside and start your divine journey, sit with yourself, meet yourself, talk to self, laugh, smile and understand the power of your true self…..awaken the power of self!

Start meditating on self to awaken the real you.

Start your day with a lovely smile on your face.
Shake your body well and then take a glass of water.
Walk some steps.
Clean your stomach
Take bath, maintain personal hygiene,
Do some yoga, exercises
Eat a healthy breakfast
Watching mirror or visualizing yourself, do some positive affirmations I.e.
I’m beautiful.
I’m healthy and energetic.
My immune system is strong.
My family is safe and secure.
For best results
Do these affirmations daily in the morning and before you sleep, and lastly….paying gratitude to almighty say so be it, so be it and so be it.
Thank you God for being with me.🙏🏻✨
Preeti Sharma✍️

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