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Hello friends,
For the benefit of all we are going to conduct online workshop on Reiki healing science.✨

Take this Lockdown time as a golden opportunity to learn and upgrade yourself,
avail the opportunity to become a healer, so rather than fighting against it, channelize your energy to learn new things.
Let’s awaken the healing powers by learning a divine science REIKI to heal self and others.💫

Learn Reiki Levels 1 & 2 to become a Certified Traditional Reiki Practitioner/Instructor

Course Content

Reiki Level 1

*Introduction to Reiki

*History and How Reiki Works

Legend of Dr Mikao Usui

*The Reiki Principles

*Chakras, Meridians and Intuition

*Preparing to Use Reiki

*Anatomy for Reiki

*Why Reiki does not prescribe or diagnose (and why that makes it so effective

*Reiki Self-Treatments.

*Reiki hands positions

*Reiki self-treatment demonstration.

*Preparing to Work with Others

*Reiki and positions with others- pdf

*Reiki hand position with others
*Rapid Reiki Session

*Reiki Group Session

*Pregnancy and Children

*Reiki and Palliative Care

Prayers for mother earth

Reiki Level II Introduction and Symbols

*The Power Symbol
The Mental/Emotional Symbol

*The Distance Symbol

*Additional Uses for the Symbols

*Techniques to prepare for your Reiki session

*Gassho Meditation with Music

*Distance Healing with Reiki

*Traditional Distance Technique

*Ways to Perform Distance Healing

*Advanced Technique: Creating Your Mental Reiki Space

*Using Reiki to Manifest Your Goals

*How Reiki Can Help You Solve Your Problems

*Using Reiki with Other Modalities

*When a Client Does Not Feel Reiki

*Using Reiki with Animals

Reiki Level I & 2 Certificate of completion

*Venue – WhatsApp

Ee – 800 rs

Start Date – 25th May

Course Language – English and Hindi

यह कोर्स अंग्रेज़ी अथवा हिंदी दोनो भाषा मे सिखाया जायेगा।


Certificate of completion

*Those interested in learning Reiki can Join The Group

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